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DescFold(Descriptor-based Fold Recognition System) is a web server for protein fold recognition,which can predict a protein's fold type from its amino acid sequence. The server combines six effictive descriptors : a profile-sequence-alignment-based descriptor using Psi-blast e-values and bit scores, a sequence-profile-alignment-based descriptor using Rps-blast e-values and bit scores, a descriptor based on secondary structure element alignment (SSEA), a descriptor based on the occurrence of PROSITE functional motifs, a descriptor based on profile-profile-alignment(PPA) and a descriptor based on Profile-structural-profile-alignment (PSPA) .

(2010-1-19) The Fold library of DescFold has updated to SCOP 1.75 version. The SCOP_1.75_90% database with a total of 13,403 proteins was downloaded from SCOP database,and in the library the sequence identity among the proteins is equal to or less than 90%. It takes about 20 minutes to process a query sequence of 500 amino acids using new library. The service is open now.

(2010-1-19) The perl script employed to calculate the ROC points and AUC area in the DescFold paper is available. Download

(2010-1-14) The JAVA source code and stand-alone program that implements the SSEA algorithm,which was considered as an important component for DescFold , is public available. Download.

(2010-1-13) The Fold library of DescFold will be updated to SCOP 1.75 version. The new version DescFold will be tested and the service is unavailable during the 2010-1-14 to 2010-1-20.

The input sequence can be in raw or FASTA format, the email address is optional and the result will be sent to it. A session ID will be generated when you submit a sequence, and you can query the result by the session ID in the QUERY page when the processing is ready.


This server is free available to any user, but without any warranty.


(c)   Ziding Zhang's Laboratory of Protein Bioinformatics 04 / 2009
DescFold was developed and is maintained by Renxiang Yan

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